Discover How to Lose Weight so It Stays Off... EFFORTLESSLY!

Have you ever wondered how people in healthy regions are able to maintain their excellent health effortlessly?

You don’t see them count calories, carbs, measure their food or spend hours working out like many of the popular weight loss program advice people to do. It’s like the fitness program is on autopilot.

Watch the video below to discover what healthy regions do differently that enables them to maintain their excellent health effortlessly

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BONUS: When you join my program you will also receive a downloadable pdf, of my 5 favorite Greek recipes that I grew up with, and instruction on how to best introduce those recipes and other healthy foods in your life so you can start eating them regularly.

Give people a diet and a workout to follow, and they may lose weight for a little while, teach people how to make healthy eating and exercising habitual and they will lose weight for life.

- Stavros Mastrogianniss

FOUNDER of The Stavros Method

Why Most People Struggle to Keep The Weight Off?

Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t want to have a lean and healthy body? Have you ever wondered why so few people have a lean and healthy body despite all the weight loss programs on the market today? It is not a lack of trying or lack of willpower.

The answer has a lot to do with how most weight loss and diet programs approach weight loss. Simply put, most weight loss approaches go against human nature.

Let me ask you a question. Do you like counting calories, and carbs, measuring your food before eating, or spending hours in the gym?

If you are like most people, the answer is NO. Well, if you look at all the popular weight loss methods, that is exactly what they ask people to do to lose weight and improve their health.

It’s no wonder 95% of people who lose weight with popular weight loss methods end up regaining it.

How The Stavros Method is Different From Other Weight Loss Programs

The Stavros Method follows the example of healthy regions and how they are able to maintain their excellent health effortlessly.

Have you ever wondered how people in healthy regions are able to maintain their excellent healthy effortlessly? You don’t see them counting calories, or points, portioning their food, or measuring carbs. As a matter of fact, they don’t engage in most of the healthy behaviors popular methods of weight loss advise people to engage in to lose weight and improve their health.

You see, the big difference between the healthy behaviors through which healthy regions are able to maintain their great health and the healthy behaviors through which most of the popular weight loss programs help people lose weight is in their ability to become habitual.

The healthy behaviors through which most of the popular weight loss programs help people lose weight no matter how long you practice those behaviors, they can never become habitual. In contrast, the healthy behaviors healthy regions engage in can become habitual with a bit of practice, which makes all the difference in sustainable results.

It is critical when it comes to sustainable weight loss that whatever healthy behaviors you engage in to lose the weight, that behavior becomes habitual, and here is why.

Suppose the behavior or behaviors through which you lost the weight do not become habitual. In that case, you must constantly be vigilant to keep engaging in that behavior or behaviors to maintain the weight loss.

With people’s minds being so preoccupied with life these days, can you see how having to be vigilant to maintain all the healthy habits constantly can easily lead to burnout?

That is why 95% of people who lose weight end up regaining the weight with the current weight loss methods.

If you want to lose weight, so it stays off effortlessly, you need to make sure the healthy behaviors through which you lose the weight have to potential of becoming habitual.

Why Choose The Stavros Method?

The Stavros Method was created with one goal in mind, sustainable, healthy weight loss. When it comes to sustainable healthy weight loss, there is no better example to follow than the example of healthy regions and that is the example The Stavros Method is based on.

Although not all healthy regions have the same healthy behaviors, there are 5 healthy behaviors common to all healthy regions around the world.

Research has confirmed that these 5 healthy behaviors have the biggest impact on people’s weight and health and these 5 healthy behaviors alone will help anyone lose weight and significantly improve their health without making any other changes in their life.

I created The Stavros Method to help people develop and make completely habitual these 5 healthy behaviors, because I know, once people develop these 5 healthy behaviors, weight loss and better health was inevitable.

About The 5 Healthy Habits You Will Be Learning Through The Stavros Method

>>> The first healthy behavior has to do with activities like exercising. However, there is more to exercising than just going to the gym. There are so many thing you can do right at your home with no equipment, you really don’t need a gym to get a good workout. Also you don’t need to workout that hard to get results.

>>> Healthy behaviors 2, 3 and 4 have to do with your eating habits but not what you eat. You see, proper nutrition has 2 parts. Part one is what you eat, and part two is how you eat.

Most diets and nutritional programs only focus on the foods you eat or don’t eat. But did you know, how you eat effects your weight and health as much if not more than what you eat? You could eat the exact same food, but depending on how you ate it, it could effect your weight and health completely differently.

The 3 healthy eating habits have to do with how you eat. By developing these 3 "how to eat" habits, cravings will become a thing of the past; you will instinctively know when you had enough food to eat without counting calories or measuring your food, and you will not need to be as strict with what you are eating. Pasta, pizza, bread, and other forbidden foods will be back on the menu

100% of my clients who develop these 3 habits, lose weight and improve their health without changing anything they eat.

>>> The 5th healthy habit has to do with what you eat, but just so you know, there is room for junk food. After all, we ate a fair share of junk food when I lived in Greece.

>>> What is also great about these 5 healthy behaviors is that they work with human nature and with a little practice and the right approach they can become completely habitual.

The Stavros Method does more than simply introduce you to these 5 amazing healthy behaviors.

Through a step-by-step, self-paced approach it will guide you on how to introduce these new healthy behaviors into your life and make them completely habitual without burning yourself out.

You see, just because a behavior has the potential of becoming habitual, it does not mean it will. You need to take a particular approach to make a new behavior habitual, and that approach must consider human nature.

The approach I have taken to help you apply these behaviors into your life, so they become habitual is based on the Kaizen philosophy. Kaizen is an ancient Asian philosophical method on how to best make changes in your life, so the changes your made stick for life. Many very successful companies and people have used Kaizen to achieve amazing results.

How The Stavros Method Works

>>> As soon as you sign up you will receive an email with your login information.

>>> The whole program is divided into 7 modules. You only get access to one Module at a time. Each Module focuses on one healthy behavior only.

>>> The first Module you will learn how to develop a healthy mindset. A healthy mindset is essential not just for developing healthy behaviors but also to overall health. As a side benefit, by developing a healthy mindset it will greatly reduce your stress.

>>> Modules 2 through 6 will help you develop the 5 healthy behaviors.

>>> Each Module has 2 lessons. The first Lesson explains the healthy behavior you will develop in that Module and its benefits.

>>> Lesson 2 will explain how to best incorporate the new healthy behavior into your life, so it has the best chance of becoming habitual.

>>> At each Lesson, there is a question and comments section where you can post your questions or comments about that Lesson. So although you are doing the program on your own, you can get support whenever you need it.

>>> In Module 7, I have a bonus healthy behavior you could develop if you choose to. The bonus healthy behavior has more to do with your health than your weight.

>>> At each Module, you will find specific instructions on all the actions you must take and when to move to the next Module.

>>> Because with The Stavros Method, you will be applying all the new healthy behaviors one at a time, and very gradually, you will find it very easy to live with and apply to your life no matter how busy your life is.

One of the most common things my client say about my program is that if they knew how simple and easy it was to follow and adapt into their life, they would have joined years ago.

When it comes to sustainable weight loss, you will not find a more effective and easier program to follow than The Stavros Method.


  • You will not just learn WHAT to eat, but also HOW to eat, so you will not have to be as strict with your diet.
  • You will learn more than just how to workout, you will learn how to make working out a habitual behavior.
  • All the healthy behaviors through which you will get in shape by the end of the program will be habitual.
  • It follows the example of healthy regions and not the example of fitness nuts.
  • It takes a practical approach that takes into consideration human nature. You will not find an easier system to adapt into your life.
  • It takes a stress-free approach to weight loss, which is based on the Kaizen method.

Because with The Stavros Method you will have gotten in shape through changes in your habitual behaviors, maintaining your new healthy body will be Effortless and Stress-Free


The Stavros Method is for people who want to lose weight and keep it off without making their life all about fitness. In other words, they don’t want to constantly worry about their diet or their workouts in order to maintain a lean and healthy body.

Many people have given up on losing weight and getting in shape because they believe it is hard and takes a lots of time and effort which they don’t have. The Stavros Method is here to show you that it does not take as much time or effort to lose weight and get in shape for life, if you take the approach of the healthy regions.

Here is what clients that have gone through The Stavros Method say about my program:

“Stavros’s method made sense to me. It reminded me of how I used to eat when I lived in Italy, so it was easy for me to follow his program. No Points systems, no measuring things, no cutting this out–just eating regular, normal food! I lost 38 lbs. and I feel great!”

Emily Volpintesta

“So simple, and yet extremely effective. I still can’t believe how simple it was to change my eating habits and lose weight with The Stavros Method. I lost over 65lbs and I have no problem keeping it off. This is a must try program for anyone who wants to lose weight for good.”​

Neil J Hutchins

“All I can say is that Stavros’s approach has changed my life. I have lost over 100 pounds. I am healthier and have much more energy. It even goes beyond weight loss. It is a philosophy that you can use to attain your other life’s goals as well. Thanks, Stavros!”

Joe B.

Through the lifting, cardio training and following Stavros’ healthy eating habits, I have exceeded all my goals. I have never felt this healthy, fit and energized and lost 39 pounds in the process.

Marcy Rudolf




Stavros is a 30-year veteran of the fitness field with a very different view of how we should approach weight loss and health. From the beginning, it became apparent that there was something seriously wrong with how the industry approached weight loss because most people ended up regaining the weight back.

In significant part, what enabled him to come up with the answer to sustainable weight loss was his upbringing. Unlike most other weight loss experts, his position on weight loss, health, and nutrition was not shaped by simply studying in a classroom or the certification process. He was born and raised on a Greek island where thin and healthy was the norm, and people in their 90s lived productive lives. That unique life experience gave him an insight into weight loss, nutrition, and health that few weight-loss experts have.

Why He Created The Stavros Method

Realizing early in his career that there was something seriously wrong with how most fitness programs approached weight loss, Stavros set out to create a practical wellness approach that delivered sustainable results. He modeled my method after healthy regions because that was the best example he could find of people maintaining excellent health with minimum conscious effort. Having been raised in a very healthy area in Greece, he was familiar with how people in healthy regions lived and ate.

In Greece, where he was raised, there were no gyms, and people never spent any time thinking about their diet, yet they had no problem maintaining their excellent health. They were able to keep their bodies lean and healthy effortlessly because all their healthy behaviors that kept them in shape were habitual behaviors. In other words, no thinking is required to engage in those behaviors. What made sure that each new generation learned these healthy behaviors were their traditions. All the healthy habits that kept them in shape through their traditions were passed down from generation to generation.

Due to savvy marketers and modern lifestyle, many people have moved away from healthy traditional eating and living, and have developed unhealthy habits that go against the normal functions of our body and our weight and health are paying the price.

Stavros created The Stavros Method to help people bring back to their life the healthy habits that will help their body return to its natural state, which is lean and healthy.

Now, let’s talk price $.

Joining The Stavros Method is not and expense, it's an investment. Besides a leaner and healthier body, here are some other returns you could expect by investing in The Stavros Method.

  • By getting in shape through The Stavros Method, you are more likely than with any other system not to need to buy another fitness & health-related product or service because you will be able to maintain the results effortlessly. Did you know that on average, an adult in the USA spends $1800 per year on health and fitness-related products and services? That is according to a 2019 survey conducted by Myprotein)

Potential savings of $1800 per year

  • Eating the way, you will learn through The Stavros Method, it will save you money on your food bill. On average, Stavros’s clients who go through his program save $57 per week on their food bills. That is a savings of $2,964 per year and with todays food prices going up, probably is even more.

Potential yearly savings of $2,964

  • You will save big on your medical bills. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the average American spends $12,530 per year on medical expenses. I don’t expect you will be able to eliminate all your medical expenses, but a reasonable estimate is that you should cut them by 1/3, which is a savings of $4,176 per year.

Potential yearly savings of $4,176

  • According to Peter Attia, a physicial and longevity expert, people who exercice regularly can add 3 to 5 years to their lifespan and most importantly they can add 6 to 8 years to their healthspan. Healthspan is how long you live while in good health.

What price would you put to 6 to 8 more years of good health?

  • What price would you put on having a leaner, healthier body that you don’t mind showing off at the beach?

  • What price would you put on a much-improved quality of life? Once you go through The Stavros Method and develop the 5 simple habits, your energy will increase, so you will have a lot more energy to enjoy life, like playing your favorite sport or playing with your kids or grandkids. Your mood will improve, and your immune system will be much more robust, which translates to getting sick less often or not at all. If you happen to get sick, your recovery will be much faster.

You can join and receive all those benefits for a one-time fee of only $997.

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BONUS: For a limited time when you join my program you will also receive a downloadable pdf, of my 5 favorite Greek recipes that I grew up with, and instruction on how to best introduce new foods in your life so you can start eating them regularly.


Besides the $500 discount, to remove all risk of trying out The Stavros Method, I am offering a 30-day money-back Guarantee.

Within 30 days, you will know if this program will deliver the sustainable results I promised. If, for whatever reason, you don’t think this program will work for you, send me an email, and I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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The Stavros Method is currently used at the Live Your Way Thin personal training and coaching facility in Danbury CT

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