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The Stavros

It's a practical online weight loss program that will show you step by step how to incorporate into your life and make habitual 5 life-changing behaviors that will make a lean and healthy body a natural outcome of simply living your life, just like the people in healthy regions.

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The Stavros Method is perfect for you if…

You're not a big fan of working out

Other programs haven't given you long-term results

You have poor habits you'd like to break

You desire a lean and healthy body



You want to enjoy your life

You don't want to count calories and obsess over what you eat

You don't want to spend all of your time exercising

You still want to eat carbs, desserts, and other foods you enjoy


Overview of the Program

  • We can all agree that small steps are easier to take than big steps.  That is why we will not try to teach you the 5 life-changing habits all at once, but over 7 modules.  And to make it even easier to apply into your life, each module is further divide into 2 to 3 lessons.

  • Each lesson includes simple step-by-step instructions of what you must accomplish in that lesson before moving to the next one.

  • At each lesson, you will find a “Questions & Comments” section, where you can get support and extra help.

  • Each module builds up from the previous one, and by the 7 module, all 5 healthy behaviors essential for a lean and healthy body will be completely habitual.

  • Because all the changes you will make in your daily life will be done gradually and over time, giving you time to adjust, you will find The Stavros Method very easy to apply and live with, no matter how busy your life is.


Why Lose Weight with The Stavros Method

  • Lifetime program access (You pay once and you have access to the program for life, in case you need a refresher from time to time or support from the community)

  • The 5 healthy behaviors that will be keeping you in shape, will be on autopilot. (Very little mental effort required to maintain the results) 

  • Minimal disruption to your life (We took human nature into account when created this program)

  • A fit, healthy body that you can easily maintain.

  • The weight loss you will achieve will not come at the expense of the foods you love.

  • Gained Confidence

  • Stronger immune system (A lot fewer sick days)

  • Decreased stress

  • Weight loss that stays off (Because the health improvements and the weight loss will result from sustainable changes in your daily habitual behaviors, unlike with other programs, where it is tough to maintain the results, with The Stavros Method, you will have an effortless time keeping them.)

  • Increased energy

  • The Stavros Method is not just a weight loss program but a community of like-minded people who can support each other on their journey to a lean and healthy body.


How It Works

  • As soon as you sign up, you will receive an email with your login information and all the links.

  • To log into the program, click the Login button at the top right of this website.

  • Once you log in to the program, start at Module 1, lesson 1 and follow the simple instructions at each lesson.

  • At each lesson, you will find 5 things:

    1. A short video about what you will be learning in that lesson 

    2. Downloadable Files with important information about the healthy behavior from the lesson and instructions on how to apply the new behavior into your life and make it habitual, without burning yourself out. 

    3. Key points to take away from this lesson.

    4. A list of Clear objectives you must complete in the current lesson before moving to the next lesson

    5. Questions and Comments section (You can post any questions here.  You will face many obstacles as you try to adapt the new habits into your life, which other members have already met and have solutions.  So, post any problems you encounter; other people might already have a solution for you.  Remember, The Stavros Method is not just a weight loss program, but a community of like-minded people who support each other to achieve a lean and healthy body that they can maintain for life.)


This is probably the easiest weight loss program you have ever tried and that is why you will be able to stick with it and achieve your weight loss goal with this program

$497 USD

One-Time Fee

Payment plans are available

How it Works

The program is broken into 7 modules with each module focused on one of the 5 key behaviors necessary for long-term change. 
Each module has 2 lessons - the first lesson discusses the behavior change and the second lesson teaches how to apply the behavioral change. 
Once all 7 modules and 10 behavior lessons are completed, all 5 behaviors will be completely habitual; thus no tracking or mental effort will be required to maintain the results. 
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